Parent and Teen Resources

We care about you and want to let you know about some helpful links that may be useful.  Please contact your school counselor if there is anyway that we can assist you.

Body Image

Body Image and Self Esteem

Boys and Body Image

Help Your Daughter Create a Healthy Body Image

Parenting of Adolescents-Body Image


National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center- Bullying

What You Can Do If.... You Are Being Bullied

Teens Health- Dealing With Bullying

Common Websites :,,,, blogs

Online Safety Tips for Teens

About Kid's Blogs, Journals and Online Diaries

Safe Blogging Tips for Teens

Social Networking Tips for Parents and Teens

Instant Messaging Safety

My Space Information and Safety


Communication Skills for Parents

Decision Making

Adolescents and Decision Making

Helping Your Teen Make Responsible Choices

By Parents For Parents: Online Parenting Resources for Parents and Teens

Drugs and Alcohol

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

National Institute on Drug Abuse -for TEENS

The Brain and Addiction

Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Information Index

Tips for Kids on Eating Well and Feeling Good About Yourself


Common Reactions to Grief and Loss

Risky behavior

Warning Signs of Risky Behavior


Nicotine Addiction and Other Dangers of Tobacco Use


Causes of Stress and Keeping it Under Control

Family Education: Teen Stress

Ten Ways to Cope with Stress

Study Skills

A Study Skills Resource Site

Study Guides and Strategies

Test Anxiety

Tips for Better Test Taking

Dealing with Test Anxiety

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